Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nishi Japanese Restaurant | Foodication

Having not been to Nishi for about two years, the boy and I decided to hop in one day to check it out. We were pleasantly surprised to see a teppanyaki table, new decor and chairs. The place looks decidedly grand. We were seated and handed menus, and it slightly bittersweet to see that the menus are still the same. On one hand, we know what we would order, on the other, maybe they could have changed it up to include new items. Either way, we weren't fussed.

We ordered a Chirashi Don and a Sashimi Don, and goodness, it was fresh and delicious. They were generous (at $27 and $28 each, they would have to be) and I enjoyed everything on my tray, including the salad.

The boy and I still reminisce about the delicious sashimi that we had that day, so we will definitely be back, but maybe for a special occasion.


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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Zensaki | Foodication

Zensaki was one of the first sushi trains that I've been to in Perth. Located on one of the busier streets in Perth, the place is always quite full.

We tried a few different dishes from them, 3 from the sushi train, and a chirashi don. I had a cold soba noodle, however, being extremely hungry, it slipped my mind to take a photo of it.

The chirashi don was generous and fresh, and the same can be said with the three sushi plates. It was not my first time there, so the sushi that I chose were ones that I have tried and love.

Zensaki is great for the hungry and not so hungry, with menu items as well as the train, it will satisfy different levels of appetites.


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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Foodication | El Publico

Cottage Cheese Cabbage
Beef Tacos
Chicken Tacos
Vegetarian bean tacos
Chocolate sauce lamb

El Publićo is a chic little mexican restaurant on Beaufort St. I was surprise to find that 70% of the menu consists of  alcoholic drinks and only half a page belongs to their variety of food which explains the ceiling to counter wall of alcohol when you first walk in. 

I dare say that between 7-8 of us, we tried almost all of the dishes, and because their serving are quite small, we had to double the dishes that we ordered. The dishes were enjoyable, some more than others, but it would be great as an after work tapas and drinks spot, which is probably what it is intended to be, as we were probably the only patrons at 1pm on a Saturday.

Overall a great experience and fun dining location


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Monday, 30 June 2014

Noodle Forum | Foodication

Noodle Forum at Equus Retail Arcade opened up quite a while ago but I didn't manage to go visit them till recently. The shop is quite small with a bar type sitting and normal tables. When you walk further up into the Arcade, there is usually the chef making the noodles, using a long and thick wooden stick. 
I had the normal wonton noodles, while the boy had the Laksa spicy soup version. He went there before with his family and really enjoyed it so we went together. He did mention that the prawns are smaller than when he first went (This was when they first opened) but that's minor detail. 
I enjoyed the soup and the noodles, and the inclusion of two pieces of fried wonton skin is a nice touch. Will be back to try different things on their menu!


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Monday, 26 May 2014

Cherry Culture | Loot

This is my first time purchasing from Cherry Culture, I picked out items that was not easily accessible to me in Australia, even though we have NYX now. 

NYX blush in Taupe: it really has become a favourite for contouring.

NYX Butter Lipsticks in Fireball and Pop: I am wearing Fireball on my lips in the photo, I have tried Pop and it is slightly darker to my liking, but dabbing it on softens the colour.

Milani Liquid Eye Pencils in Black: I had so much trouble removing this. These suckers really stay on.


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Snacks | Few of My Favourite Things (FOMFT)

I started 9-5 full time work last week, and after taking a step back and looking at my desk, I realise that I am a snack fiend. Which is not something I condone, but these are my favourites.

Madam Flavour White Tea with Rose: the rose scent emitting from the cup as I bring the cup to my lips is amazing. Reminds me of the Body Shop hand cream.

Loacker Tortina Biscuits: These are by far, the best chocolate biscuits that you can get from the supermarket (where I live anyways) The chocolate coating is amazing, both inside and out.

Lotte European Waffles: These aren't the first Korean European waffles I had. I can't for the life of me remember the other brand, but these taste just like those. (Update: the brand is called Crown)

Asian Gummy Lollies: These are the QQ Lollies in Peach flavour. They are addictive! As they are quite small (The size of Jols) but chewy, I go through these in one sitting if I don't watch myself.

FOMFT will be a new category on my blog, not really channelling the monthly favourites, but I would put in an effort to notice whatever I'm reaching for more often than not.


Monday, 19 May 2014

Taiwan Part 1 | Globe-Trotting

So this is very very overdue, my Taiwan trip was around the end of September to start of October, but with plenty of things happening at the end of the year, I didn't get around to uploading the photos till today! I went to many places to eat and enjoy, but I really don't have an exceptional memory, especially after 6 months (Apologies!) If there are any photos that pique your interest, just drop me a comment, I will ransack through my memory to let you know where it was from. Part 2, Part 3 and so on and so forth will be on their way!